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The Physician Philosopher Podcast

Apr 25, 2022

“Discipline is doing what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, and when it needs to be done - even if you don’t feel like doing it.”

Discipline is a Skill We Can Cultivate

We have to recognize the truth. Discipline isn’t something many of us are born with, but even if you are naturally talented at the...

Apr 18, 2022

Up to 60% of physicians struggle with imposter syndrome in the field of medicine.
Myself included!
One of the most popular methods to deal with this has been to fake it till you make it.

This method tells us to put on the mask. And that - if we convince everyone else we are good enough - maybe we can convince ourselves,...

Apr 11, 2022

Are you mastering your schedule, or is it mastering you? One of the ways to prevent burnout as a physician is to create a healthy work-life balance. How can we find balance as physicians with all the daily responsibilities that we face? In today’s episode we’ll learn three ways to prioritize your time as a busy...

Apr 4, 2022

One of the ways that burned out doctors can reduce stress is to learn how to properly wield cash flow as a weapon to achieve their life goals. 

This does not mean working more hours at the hospital. Actually, it is quite the opposite. 

In today’s episode we’ll learn why cash flow truly is king, and how you can put...